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Laboratoires Pourquery - FRANCE

Laboratoires Pourquery
since 1920

Be sure of and recognized for the quality of the products you sell



Founded in 1920 by Pierre Pourquery, the Pourquery Laboratory has been specialized in precious metals analyses until 1955. Then, its activity started its diversification and growth under Jean Pourquery’s management with several acquisitions and the opening of a new laboratory in Paris.

In 1987, Ivan Pourquery is appointed in the position of CEO. From this moment, the pace of the diversification quickens with the creation of many departments: toys, child care articles, electricity, playground, sport, leisure activity, housing, and metrology in 2000. Ivan Pourquery also opened a second subsidiary in Hong Kong in 1995. All the more, in 2008, the Laboratory of Lyon increased its area from 3500 m² to 7000 m².

Committed to a rigorous and dynamic approach, the Pourquery Group is in constant development; it gives an important place to investment and seeks everyday a better customer service.


Our core business


A group of independent private laboratories, specialized in the analysis and control of industrial products as well as in the test and safety control of consumer goods intended for the mass market.

Our policy of independence and the program of quality expertise that govern all of our services since more than 60 years, allowed us to gain the most important accreditations, authorisations and official recognitions.

You are a manufacturer, an importer, a distributor; your responsibility is engaged during the launch of your products on the European market.

The testing group POURQUERY, an answer to your needs :

  • To guarantee the conformity of the products you sell, as well as the materials that constitute it ;
  • To provide you some technical support in the control of your production process to assure you a steadiness in the quality and safety of your products ;
  • To accompany you in the evaluation of your suppliers and their ability to respect your defined specifications file*

Our skills:

  • Conformity tests in accordance to standards and European directives
  • Quality controls, pickings on production sites or distribution sites
  • Materials analyses
  • Metrology / Calibration
  • Training, counselling, expertise

Recognition and committments


Our policy of independence and our program of knowledge of the NF ISO CEI 17025 quality allowed us to obtain the most important certifications, accreditations and official recognitions. We actively participate in the development of European standards with main actors of each sector.

Today, the Pourquery Laboratories are well recognized and called on, especially by the Cour d’Appel of Lyon and by the fraud prevention services.